We have the capability of hauling anywhere in the United States, which also includes backhaul services. OUR TRUCK FLEET
Bancroft's Truck Fleet

Bancroft Bag reflects it's concern for service and safety through our fleet of 13 new model trucks.  Each truck has a GPS tracking system and cell phone whereby we can provide our customers with tracking their orders from the time they leave our plant in West Monroe, Louisiana, until delivered to their facility.


Being dependable and timely is very important to customers and to Bancroft.  Our 13 drivers have a collective 132 years of service with Bancroft Bag, so you are assured of professional service and dependability.


For any questions, call Clay Stephens.  Contact information below:


Clay Stephens

Phone:  318-324-2269

Fax:  318-324-3226

Toll Free: 1-800-551-4950

Email:  cstephens@bancroftbag.com

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