In an era of corporate down-sizing, when many companies have cut back on their technical service, we continue to strengthen ours. TECHNICAL
Our Technical Support

At your request, the full force of our Technical Department can be put into play.  Whether to improve bag strength, barrier properties or alternate pallet patterns, Bancroft is ready to assist.


We work to give you optimum protection for your product.  Our WEBB Bags have superior stacking and optimum disbursement space when filling resistance low density products.  It also has a broad bottom allowing for billboard product identification and elimination of pallet overhang.  Our Pasted Valve Double Patch Bags are sealed on BOTH ends for total resistance against sifting.


Contact us now to take care of your bag needs.  Our technical department looks forward to serving you.


Contact:  Jay Wisecarver, Technical Director

Phone:  318-324-2332




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