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Bancroft Bag is a food-grade certified plant located centrally in West Monroe, Louisiana. We serve a variety of markets and are committed to food safety in our manufacturing process.

Our Products


Bancroft Bag offers a wide variety of bag styles to suit all your multiwall packaging needs, including the Webb Bag, which provides the best of both a pinch and square bottom bags.

Laminated Pouches

These all-plastic pouches can be engineered to provide the barrier needed to protect your product from moisture, oxygen, and other gases that shorten the product shelf life.

Laminated Woven Sacks

Multi-layer bags utilizing reverse printed film laminated to a layer of woven polypropylene to provide extreme durability at a value price option.


Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (also known as FIBC's, Bulk Bags, or large totes) are a flexible packaging product that allows companies to safely load their dry, loose products up to 4,400 LBS with simple means of handling.

Why choose Bancroft Bag?

Bancroft Bag is a family owned and operated Woman-owned business in operation since 1924. In a world of large companies focused on consolidation and maximizing profits, Bancroft is a business that understands there are many  customer relationships that don’t fit a one-size-fits-all model.

To meet today’s customer needs, Bancroft provides a diversified packaging offering to support multiple packaging formats.  Whether it is paper multiwall bags, plastic bags and pouches, or highly efficient bulk sacks, Bancroft’s diversified product lines and supply model allows us to meet all your packaging needs through one contact. With our in-house manufacturing and technical services, Bancroft can find the right solution to meet and exceed your needs.

For over 100 years, Bancroft has focused on Quality, Service, and Innovation in packaging.


We believe that quality means understanding our customer’s needs and delivering the right product. Our goal is to collaboratively work with our customers to understand and deliver a product that consistently meets your needs. We are obsessed with delivering a high-quality product.


Good service starts with good communications and at Bancroft you will never be just another customer that gets lost in a big company. Our goal is to know and understand our customer’s needs and then deliver better than anyone else in the industry.


Bancroft takes a pragmatic approach to innovation, focused on solving real issues for real customers. Bancroft was founded on creating solutions that help our customers do their business better and that same innovative spirit is alive today in everything we do.

Product Expertise/Technical Support

Customers need vendors understand their real-world packaging challenges and we apply our product knowledge to consistently help improve product performance. Our team is available to bring product and technical support with our products and to be your trusted advisor.

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