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Bancroft bag started providing solutions in 1924, branching out after World War II to offer Multiwall-paper bags to a variety of different industries. Bancroft Bag has always known that a “one size fits all” approach does not always translate into packing efficiency at your plant or the best solution for all products and markets.  This is why Bancroft Bag offers a wide range of packaging formats ranging from multiwall paper bags, to all plastic bags and pouches, and FIBC’s.

Our experienced sales, production, and technical team bring industry know-how by customizing the right bag for your operation.  We begin by thoroughly understanding your exact bag specifications and packing needs. 

Our ability to quickly provide you with both high and low-volume, quality bags accompanied with excellent technical and customer service sets Bancroft Bag apart from the competition.  Our responsiveness and in-house capabilities are second to none.

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  • Multiwall Paper Bags
  • Poly-woven Laminated Sacks
  • Multilayer Plastic Pouches
  • Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC’s)

Pasted-Valve, Stepped-End (PVSE) of Flush-Cut (PVFC)

Bancroft offers both styles of pasted valve bags. Unlike many manufactures today, Bancroft offers both PVFC and PVSE bag options in order to be able to supply you with the best options available. Because of this versatility, we provide the superior solution against product sifting, for automated packing lines, for your unique product.

Combined with our highly-experienced technical team, Bancroft Bag is stead-fast in our commitment to design and provide the best bag in the industry that meets our customer’s needs.

Pasted-valve bags, in both stepped-end and flush-cut options, are a flat tube with a pasted top and bottom with graduated (stepped) or straight-cut ends. On top, one of the four corners of the bag are left open and a sleeve is placed in that corner for filling.


Highly customizable

Provides the highest packing efficiency for powdered products

Features optimal palletizing shape

Suitable for use with high-volume air, impeller, or auger packers.

Valve of bag provides a means of packaging without the expense of secondary closing step

Various types of valves can be applied to fit your packing equipment configuration

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