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Since World War II Multiwall-paper bags serve a variety of different industries. Bancroft Bag serves its customers by knowing that a “one size fits all” approach does not always translate into packing efficiency at your plant or efficient delivery to your customer. To provide for the most efficient production from printing through end conversion, we manufacture all of our multi-wall bags under one roof, since 1924.

Our experienced technical team and industry know-how brings value by customizing the right bag for your operation. We begin by thoroughly understanding your exact bag specifications and packing needs. Our ability to quickly provide you with both high and low-volume, quality bags accompanied with excellent technical and customer service sets Bancroft Bag apart from the competition. Our responsiveness and in-house capabilities are second to none.

Sewn Open Mouth

This bag is made from a flush cut tube, which is closed at one end by sewing and left open at the other end for the customer to pack. The customer will then sew to close.


Based on product packed, construction employs a variety of custom, barrier plies and feature an easy-open string feature

Low-cost option for simple packing solution especially for feed and seed

High-quality print in a cost-efficient bay style

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